Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the client who books the bridal package to understand, agree and be responsible for all booking conditions, including all payments are made by specified dates.

We offer a free no obligation consultation that takes place in our salon at a time that is convenient to you. Once we have done this consultation we will send you a written quotation and booking form. The written quote will hold for 21 days. Please note that we will not book the bridal package until you have completed and returned our booking form.

Once you have agreed to the written quote we shall then make the booking for the date of your wedding and trial. Please note that booking will be subject to availability.

We ask that payments for the trial are made in full on the day that the trial takes place. Payments for the services taking place on the wedding day can either be paid in advance or on the day. 

Please note that if payment is to be made on the day then we will often ask for a deposit that should be paid within 7 days of booking. If payment for the deposit is not paid within these 7 days then we retain the right to cancel all services for the wedding day.

Should the client choose to reduce the size of the booking (less services or people) then we retain the right to hold to the original quotation. 

Should the client cancel the booking more than 21 days in advance of the wedding day then we retain the deposit and no further monies will be due. However should the client cancel the booking within 21 days of the wedding day, then the balance of the wedding day services as per the quote is due in full!

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